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E-S-O-Charter Against Violence 

We, the pupils, the teachers and the parents of the Ernst-Schering-School are members of a vital democratic community at our school.

In our school everyone shall get the opportunity to join with his personality and to deve-lop his abilities completely.

At the same time we respect the dignity and the honour of others as if they were our own and thus we guarantee that nobody may be discriminated against because of his religion, his colour of skin, his origin, his convictions or his personal characteristics.

We want to act conjointly to stop any prejudice.

No one at our school shall be afraid of being laughed at or mocked by others or to be-came a victim of violence.

We shall do what we can to establish at our school a feeling of trust and respect for each other.

Therefore we bind ourselves to the following rules:

We believe in the following statements:
bullet We refrain from any kind of offence or provocation of others.
bullet We shall try to coolly to any insult to decrease possible tensions.
bullet If we are part of a fight which we are not able to end we shall ask people we trust to act as peacemakers to avoid a violent ending of the conflict.
bullet We shall not take any weapons to school.
bullet Our school is no place for alcohol or other drugs; they make people reckless and aggressive.
bullet We shall not accept any kind of blackmail at our school.
bullet If we are witnesses of acts of violence we shall not remain indifferent but we shall try to find possibilities of ending the fight in a non-violent manner.
bullet If we watch any hidden violence in our school we want to find the courage to make this public to enable us to join hands in ending violence
bullet School-mates who exclude others, insult, blackmail or hit them cannot be our friends as long as they do not refrain from their negative actions.
bullet We shall contribute to the increase of trust among ourselves.
bullet We do not want any visitors from outside on our school premises during the lessons to avoid unnecessary conflicts. (There have to be special regulations for excepti-ons.)

We believe in the following statements:
bullet Violence breeds more violence, without being able to solve any problem permanently in a sensible manner.
bullet Whoever uses violence shows that he is not able to develop any kind of fanciful straetgy.
bullet Non-violence ist not expression of weakness but rather of a serious attempt to be ready for reconciliation and of maturity.


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